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Exhibition ‘OPDIEPEN’

25 October 2017 @ 13:00 - 19 November 2017 @ 17:00

Three artist and a poet exhibit their work in the exhibition ‘OPDIEPEN’

Jantine Koppert with sculptural works, Friederike Linssen and Jan Bodde with paintings and Aly Frije with poems.

Jantine Koppert:

The sound-reducing qualities of felt, my love for color, and the conviction that color has a beneficial effect on people enables me to create pieces that contribute to the well-being of people in manmade spaces.
These pieces cross boundaries between art and applied art, and between modern sculpting and the ancient craft of sewing. The intense color of the felt, the shadows created when it folds in on itself, and the graphic quality of the forms makes it ideally suited to my way of working.
My felt pieces are rooted in nature, not only nature‚Äôs inherent power and energy, but the ways in which man interacts with it and the myths we tell about it- all these inspire my work.”

Friederike Linssen, painter:
She explores in her drawings, lithographs and monoprints of oilpaint on cotton the subtle balance in nature. observing from silence and intuitivily she concentrates on the essence that manifests in the cycle of birth and death. The shapes she creates are simple, monochrome and have an organic structure.
Jan Bodde, painter:
The atmosphere of his painting is dusk like. It calls for memories and invites to introspection. The painted space is an imaginary space with a melancholic undertone in which people, animals and objects perform sizeless and timeless. It depicts thought on life and trancience.
Aly Frije, poet:
In the poems exhibited at the exhibition she explores the way memories work and how to get exces to them by means of language. Aly sees language as a kind of ‘resting area on the road of life’, a place she has to stop, get out and search for words and images before she ‘hits the road again’.


25 October 2017 @ 13:00
19 November 2017 @ 17:00