Artist statement

In the work of Jantine Koppert the line gradually emerged as a main direction. Not only did this passion for drawing express on the page, but it materialised in 3 dimensions as sculptural forms made with wire, textiles, paper and in glass.

Inspired by elements in the landscape-water, rocks, trees, she creates pieces which allude to the energy underlying natural forms. These works are also informed by forces such as wind and ocean currents, which act on natural forms but are themselves not seen. Lines and transparency play a central role in the work.

While Koppert explores natural elements for themselves, an additional motivator for her work is the absence of these elements in manmade environments.

The artworks are rooted in nature, not only nature’s inherent power and energy, but the ways in which man interacts with it and the myths we tell about it- all these inspire her work.


Sculptural Felt International: Museum de kantfabriek, Horst (L), Tamworth regional gallery, Australie, Wollongong art gallery, Australie

Elementen natuurlijk en gemaakt: Het bouwhuis, Deventer

Galerie de pronkkoamer, Saaxumhuizen

Sculptural Felt International, Museum Nagele, Nagele

Galerie Noord, Groningen

Los&Vast, Kunstgang op de Wind, Westeremden

Groninger kerken project i.s.m. Wianda keijzer, 9 kerken op het hoogeland in Groningen

Dancing on Gaia, proefstation Pra, Usquert

Galerie Noord

techniek toevallig textiel, Koetshuis Mensinge, Roden

Textielfestival Leiden, Ars Aemula Naturae

Textielmuseum st. Galle, Zwitserland

Galerie de Pronkkoamer, Saaxumhuizen

Triënnale, Tournai, Belgie

Instock Galerie, Oegstgeest, Qua Draad, Galerie Haagweg 4, Leiden, Textiel museum Angers, Frankrijk, Textiel museum, Heidelberg, Textielmuseum Riga, Letland

Kant biënnale hedendaagse kunst Tours&Taxi’s Brussel, België

QuaDraad experimenteert, Sidac Studio, Museum het Leids Wevershuisje, Leiden, Werklokaal Haagweg 4 Leiden, STAA Galerie, Alphen a/d Rijn

Qua Draad, Sidac Studio, Leiden

Seldensaete, Tempus Arti, Middelrode, Museum de Verborgen tijd, Gouda

Het lichaal als sokkel, Twente Hallen Enschede, Beelden aan de Vecht, Maarssen, Galerie Lous Martin, Delft

Van buiten naar binnen, Ars Aemula Naturae, Leiden, LAK Galerie, Leiden, Het Glazenhuis, Amstelpark, Amsterdam